Julkaisusuunnitelma – Publication Plan

Publication plan 2016 – 2017: Peer reviewed publications and conference papers

Work Package 1

  • Bergman, J-P., Ahonen, T. Paper discussing Energy technology scenarios in Finland, 2016
  • Ahola, J., Ahonen, T. Review on disruptive energy technologies with relation to Finnish energy sector, 2016
  • Jalas M., et al. Paper discussing the setup and implementation of Delphi process, 2016
  • Jalas M., et al. Paper on Delphi results in 5/30 years timescale /Jalas et al., summer 2017


Work Package 2

  • Airaksinen, Huovila, Tuominen: Effects of building occupancy on indicators of energy efficiency. To be submitted to Energy and Buildings/Sustainability/Energies, autumn 2016
  • Airaksinen: The effect of PV panels orientation and electricity market price profile on system profit To be submitted to Energy and Buildings/Sustainability/Energies, autumn 2016
  • Apajalahti, Temmes & Lempiälä: Incumbent organisations shaping emerging technological fields: Cases of solar photovoltaic and electric vehicle charging. Submitted to Technology Analysis & Strategic Management, August 2016
  • Haukkala, Apajalahti, Lempiälä, Lovio: “Solar industry in Finland”. To be submitted in 2016.
  • Juntunen: Crowdfunding of energy technology development and deployment. To be submitted to Open and User Innovation Workshop, Europe TBD, Aug 2017,  To be submitted to Journal 2017
  • Juntunen: Solar power-as-service – What about the impact on local energy autonomy? Accepted to SRPU Anniversary Conference, Brighton, Sept 2016, To be submitted 2017
  • Kivimaa & Temmes (2016) Low carbon transition in Finnish mobility: The clash of experimental transport governance and established practices? In: Low carbon mobility transitions, Goodfellow. Publication September 2016.
  • Mikko Virtanen, Miimu Airaksinen: Close to zero energy buildings and districts. Scientific article, part of Mikko Virtanen’s PhD thesis, publication 2017.
  • Tuominen & Juntunen: “Incentives for prosumers”. To be submitted in 2017.


Work Package 3

  • Kivimaa, P., Kangas H-L & Lazarevic D. A client-oriented evaluation of the ‘creative destruction’ in low energy policies: Finnish policy mix on building energy efficiency. Energy & Society Conference, Leipzig, 12-14 September 2016. Submitted into a special issue in Energy Research & Social Science. Publication in January 2017.
  • Rogge, K. An empirical exploration into the role of phase-out policies for low-carbon energy transitions: the case of the German Energiewende. BIEE Conference, Oxford, 21-22 September 2016.
  • Johnstone, P., Fratini, C. F., Kivimaa, P. & Rogge, K.. Comparative analysis of institutions and industrial policies in energy disrption in Denmark, Germany and the United Kingdom. Submitted to SPRU Working paper series in May 2017.


Work Package 4

  • Heiskanen & Matschoss: On what criteria are local sustainability experiments evaluated?  Interpretive analysis of policy makers’ perspectives on two emblematic experiments in low-carbon built environments in Finland. Accepted for Turnheim, Kivimaa & Berkhout (Eds.) Beyond experiments: Understanding how climate governance innovations become embedded. Cambridge University Press. Out before summer 2017.
  • Heiskanen & Matschoss: Understanding the uneven diffusion of building-scale renewable energy systems: A review of household, local and country level factors in the diverse European residential market. Revised and resubmitted to Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 50% SET.
  • Heiskanen, Jalas, Juntunen: Who invests in renewable energy in Finland during the financial downturn? To be revised and resubmitted to Energy Policy, August 2016
  • Matschoss & Heiskanen: Making it experimental: The work of intermediaries in the creation of experiments. Submitted to Journal of Cleaner Production Special Issue: The opportunities and roles of experimentation in addressing climate change. (publication expected early 2017), 50% SET
  • Heiskanen & Matschoss: Millä kriteereillä paikallisia ilmastokokeiluja arvioidaan? Kahden vähähiilisen kokeilun case-tutkimus. Accepted to Alue & ympäristö special issue on experiments (publication autumn 2016)
  • Heiskanen, E & Matschoss, K (2016): Experiments for identifying necessary and missing competences for a smart and sustainable energy system. Online Proceedings of the 2016 Berlin Conference on Climate Change http://www.berlinconference.org/2016/?page_id=1060. To be improved for journal publication: Heiskanen, Hyvönen, Jalas, Matschoss, Rask et al: Experiments for identifying necessary and missing competencies for a smart and sustainable energy system. Planned submission to EIST, May 2017.
  • Heiskanen, Hyvönen, Laitila, Matschoss, Mikkonen: Adoption and use of low-carbon technologies: lessons from 100 Finnish pilots and demonstrations. Conference paper for BEHAVE 2016, University of Coimbra, Portugal, 8 – 9 September 2016. To be published in proceedings.
  • Matschoss & Heiskanen: Do intermediary organisations challenge the incumbent? Paper accepted for SPRU Anniversary Conference, 50% SET. To be developed into journal publication, submission by March, 50% SET.
  • Neij, Heiskanen & Strupeit: The deployment of new energy technologies and the need for local learning. Revised and resubmitted to Energy Policy, Sept 24, 2017. 30 % SET.


Work Package 5

  • Hanna-Liisa Kangas et al.: Renewable energy and ICT sectors converging: Drivers of competitiveness in smart energy transition.
  • Kimmo Ollikka et al.: Knowledge spillovers from renewable energy technologies.”
  • Samuli Honkapuro et al.: The use of electricity market places in different RES deployment stages.
  • Mikael Hildén, Jani Lukkarinen, Visa Kivisaari, Paula Kivimaa, Eeva Primmer: The intensity of the policies driving or retarding energy transitions.
  • Visa Kivisaari, Hannu Huuki, Maria Kopsakangas-Savolainen, Mikael Hildén: Indirect impacts of changing conditions for the production of renewable energy outside Finland.
  • Mikael Hildén, Anna Lemström, Paula Kivimaa and Miimu Airaksinen: Energy Efficiency in Buildings in the City of Helsinki – A Long Run Sustainability Transition.


Work Package 6

  • Hyysalo, Johnson & Juntunen:  The Diffusion of Consumer Innovation in Sustainable Energy Technologies. Journal of Cleaner Production.  Accepted 8.9.2016.
  • Hyysalo & Juntunen: User Innovation and peer assistance in small scale renewable energy technologies (Eds) Debra J. Davidson and Matthias Gross: Chapter 22.  Energy and Society Handbook, Oxford University Press. Provisionally accepted.
  • Jalas, Lovio, Hyysalo, Nissinen, Mattinen, Rinkinen, Juntunen, Tainio, Nissilä: From laboratorios to livelyhoods: a practice theoretical view on experiments in sustainability transitions. J Clean Prod. Sent to second round.


Working papers

  • Heiskanen, E. & Temmes, A. Project scoping paper.
  • Case studies on experiments within Work Package 4